Getting to know the energetic character of India with a Delhi tour

A majority of backpackers see the Indian capital Delhi as the chief gateway that leads to one of the greatest masterpieces of art and architecture in the globe – the Taj Mahal. However, Delhi even by excluding Taj Mahal, still makes a fascinating destination courtesy to the large assortment of sights, vibrant culture and people, sounds, and much more. Additionally, Delhi is a neighbor of Jaipur, which is also a highly popular tourist destination in India. You can visit the historic city when you visit Delhi. Simply find out the Delhi to Jaipur taxi charges, hotels, etc. and get going for a fun vacation.

Delhi is a union territory and also the home to all the large political parties. If one turns a few pages of history back he’ll find out that Delhi is a combination of several interconnected historic cities, which also includes New Delhi, the modern part of Delhi and built by the British government. Exploring Delhi means discovering the valuable relics and remnants of empires of bygone era that dominated hundred of years ago. Remnants of the medieval era like fortifications, mausoleums and old-bustling bazaars, still dot the modern version of Delhi, jostling for space with new improvements and modern day infrastructure. Close to Delhi is the city of Jaipur, distinctively noted for being a large open air gallery of iconic medieval era structures, grand palaces, havelis, and more. Find out the Delhi to Jaipur taxi charges, top tourist attractions, and more.

Considering Delhi is the capital of the country, expect to see its metropolitan side glittering with fashion, media, global business, retail, and technology. River Yamuna crisscrosses through Delhi, and it is also seen with high religious significance in Hinduism. One of the highly popular things to do for tourists while they are in Delhi, is  the bicycle tour that let them bike alongside Yamuna.

A majority of old structures and relics are found in Old Delhi. It is possible to explore this part on foot and get mesmerized by the often chaotic and bustling environment, which is a trademark of a developing Indian city. As for the other parts of Delhi, one can access them with an ease by making use of the cheap and extensive Delhi metro as well as DTC buses.

Red Fort in Old Delhi is a top tourist attraction. A massive fort built up of red sandstone, the Red Fort was completed in 17th century under the rule of Emperor Shah Jahan, who is also recognized as the ruler who built the famous Taj Mahal. There are several amazing structures encompassing the fort like the private palace called Khas Mahal belonging to the Emperor, the Jewel Palace, and the ever bustling bazaar of Chandni Chowk. On of the chance that you are keen to soak-in the busy and seemingly hulla-ballo filled market atmosphere of India, take a walk down the Chandni Chowk.

Another the top tourist site to visit here is Humayun’ Tomb that was built in 16th century and set in South Delhi. In case you were not able to visit Taj Mahal and yet wonder what Taj Mahal looks like, all you need to do is visit Humayun for the fact that this monument made by the Mughal, greatly inspired the architecture of Taj Mahal. Weekday afternoons are best for a visit, as can avoid the huge crowd that generally roams around the monument grounds.

Additionally, if one ventures to Mehrauli in Delhi, there is one more UNESCO World Heritage Site awaiting you. It is called the Qutb Complex, encompassing several stunning structures that were built amid 13th century. It is a big complex and serves as an open air gallery. It opens from morning till evening, and holds light-and-sound shows on a regular basis.

Finding a lodging that is within your budget is not a big affair. There are numerous hotels and guest houses in Delhi, and many of them  share excellent connectivity with Delhi’s top tourist attractions.

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