Darjeeling – The epitome of a perfect nature’s visit

There is no stopping Darjeeling in terms of its tourism prospect. The city is on a continuous surge, surging ahead all its peers in the northeast region for all the right reasons and is today considered as one of the top tourist destinations in the country. This article shines a light on the tourism scene of the town and explains why a visit to this town is an absolute pleasure.

Set in the midst of the emerald-green tea estates and snow capped Himalayan Peaks, Darjeeling is a prominent slope station in West Bengal. The town was established back in the nineteenth century by the British. Today, tourism in Darjeeling has achieved its crest and individuals from all over throng to this dazzling destination. Darjeeling tour packages offers you an extensive tour exploring the gems of nature in the presence of a calm and peaceful ambience yet again an outdoor experience with adrenaline pumping activities.

Darjeeling is home to individuals from energetic Tibetan and Sikkimese societies which adds to its magnificence and makes it more beautiful. Darjeeling displays an incredible mix of pleasant sights and noteworthy spots. While on one side, the town makes you have a look at the astounding Himalayas, on the other side; it takes you back to the British Empire. The star fascination of West Bengal leaves no guest baffled. Right from pioneer time engineering to common excellence, the spot gives each guest a chance to investigate attractions getting it done. With its lip smacking Sikkimese and Tibetan foods, sprawling tea homes, spectacular perspectives and fascinating natural life, Darjeeling opens arms to individuals from the whole way across the globe.

There is a reason why Darjeeling tourism is doing so well; there is so much to see and do in this small town. While on your stay here, there are some sights and activities you cannot miss to witness and experience. Pay a visit to Tiger hill, which is about 10 km away from Darjeeling. This snow-capped hill turns a striking, splendid red-orangy colour as the sun’s first beam hits its surface, trailed by splendid gold, and afterward in the end to its astonishing white shades. You can also go trekking in the numerous trek trails in Darjeeling. Darjeeling prompts diverse trekking trails into the thick woods covering this photo idealize uneven town. The trails along the Himalayan edges and the Indo-Nepal fringe are the most arresting. For the most famous Singhalila Ridge Trail, you better be conveying your international IDs, on the grounds that the course goes quickly through Nepal.

As you drive along the highways of Darjeeling roads, you will see a small railtrack along the sides of the road, smaller than meter gauge and definitely much smaller than broad gauge. The first impression on seeing the track will make you think it is of a toy train and while you may be right in thinking so, this ‘toy train’ actually carries people! A ride in the toy train is a must in Darjeeling and the most popular one of the lot is the one to Ghoom as a result of the slender back lanes, the rich landscapes, and the heart-ceasing bluffs that it goes through. You will pass by a portion of the most pristine landscapes in Darjeeling and get to see it close up should you choose to travel in this toy train.

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