Most Amazing Water Parks in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana is an amazing spot to live in. Not just there are some astonishing shopping markets in Hyderabad, additionally an impressive number of unmistakable excursion destinations too. When in doubt on the weekends, local people either love to hang out for shopping or go to the Water Parks in Hyderabad. Being a fundamentally colossal city, there are about a dozen of Amusement and Water Parks in Hyderabad. Summers in Hyderabad are totally merciless and to beat the heat, heading off to a Water Park in Hyderabad is certainly the best choice.

So start looking for the Goa to Hyderabad flights, and after that, scroll through this rundown of the best water stops that you can visit on a scorching summer day.

Dream Valley Resort


The Dream Valley Water Park in Dream Valley Resort has various water based rides and an incredible waterfall. Water Bowl is a 500 feet long ride in an inward tube which flushes you down at fast speeds with spins and twists and plunges into a pool at the base. The tyke’s water play territory joins falling waterfalls, a mammoth water bowl, water squirts and other amphibian contraptions. The resort is a one stop entertainment community for all ages.

Jalavihar Water Park


Jal Vihar is an expansive water park in Hyderabad, located on the Necklace Road which lies in the heart of twin urban zones of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It is a water park for family fervor with a lot of captivating options for both adults and youths. Jal Vihar is an invigorating spot to be with friends and family, and offers a broad assortment of rides to the visitors. A considerable number of water treats, along with some dry rides are offered at this water park, for both adults and children.

Ocean Park


Located at the Gandipet around 20 km from Hyderabad City, Ocean Park is a pleasure and water stop that is stacked with vitality and fun. Being one of the central happening spots in Hyderabad City, Ocean Park is spread over an immense domain with two zones i.e., for water sports and for amusement entertainments. It has something to offer for visitors of all age groups. Along these lines, whether it is youngsters or adults or senior nationals, everyone has an amazing time here.

Leo Splash


Leo Splash Water Park in Hyderabad is located inside the Leonia Holistic Destination. Leo Splash is known not to be one of the most famous water parks in India. Ensuring an extensive measure of fun and enthusiasm to the visitors, this water park attracts visitors from all sides of the Telangana. Leo Splash gives an impressive number of particular bundles for water amusements like water slides, water zorbing, and snappy water thrill rides.

Mount Opera Theme Park

The Mount Opera multi theme park resort is an impeccable destination for a whole day or a weekend. It offers various options in water rides like adult rides, kids and family pool, wave pool, et cetera. Youngsters can in like manner acknowledge cruising and rain dance here. It offers recreational facilities like swimming pool, experience sports, rock climbing, tennis, running park, roller skating, sand volleyball, et cetera. The indoor preoccupations join cards, carom, chess, table tennis, etc. Distinctive food courts offer mouth watering food.

Do you still need a push to visit these amusement centres? Come on, let that child in you wake up and enjoy what these fantastic water parks bring to the table.

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