When Is The Best Time To Trade In Your Old Car?

Most of the people do not consider the resale value of the car when they first bought it. But everyone has to take such a decision and trade in car at some point. However, selling the old car can be easy if money is not a concern. But buying a car is a financial investment and anyone who is looking to trade in their cars means they want to get the best possible deal. So, getting the best deal on an old car can be a daunting task.

Remember one thing that there are numerous factors that influence the resale value of the car. The economic factors, time of the year, special events and mileage are important factors that significantly affect the value of car. Learning how these factors influence car will help you in determining the best time to trade in your old car.

Seasonality Matters

Yes, seasonality and weather greatly impact the price of an old car as it determines the demand. When the demand for a product or services increases the prices also increases. Similarly, it is better to sell a vehicle where there is demand for it otherwise you’ll get a better amount. For example, commuter vehicles are highly demanded in peak summers and winters so it’s the best time for selling such vehicles. Whereas spring and summer season is great for selling sports cars. Mostly the new car models introduced in the market in September and March and the demand of buying old or used cards decreases. So, try to trade in your car slightly earlier or later to avoid high competition.

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Special Events And Occasions

Special events and occasions affect the price of used car because it people can gift cars to their loved ones on special events. That’s why demand for the cars increases on the Christmas or the college graduation or hunting season. If your car in a good condition then take advantage of special events.  It will increase the chances of attracting potential buyers and profits.

Age Of The Car

The value and price of an old car are determined by the total miles the owner has racked up on the odometer. If an old car covered more than 50,000 miles then it means it has more maintenance risks and it will be costing too much in repair and maintenance. Consequently, buyer will not offer a good for such. So, try to sell your old car when its odometer reads between 30,000 to 40,000 so you will get a better deal. Otherwise, if it has exceeded 50,000 then you may get a better deal by selling to the junk car removals.

Sell Your Car When It No Longer Serves The Purpose

There is not a specific time for selling an old car because it used or old cars lose its value every day. So, it is better to sell your vehicle when it is no longer serving the purpose. Many car owners stick to one car and do not change it until it gets damaged and cost too much in repairs. Then, car wreckers in Brisbane give the best deal even for such damaged cars. However, it is suggested to selling a car when you’re not enjoying drive or if it’s getting smaller for a family.

So, there is not a specific time mentioned for selling an old car but the important factors should not be ignored. Old vehicles lose their value every passing day. Selling old vehicles as soon as possible keeping in mind the most appropriate time would increase the chances to get the best deal.

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