Hello, folks, you might have come across people who are well dressed from top to bottom; people who are with the best color combination and the best grooming and best footwear. But, but, but, they somehow miss the trick. The trick is to look 100% fashionable and they end up at 99%. Well, the trick is to wear a belt. And if you are wearing a belt, then appropriate material and color play the key role. Today, we will talk about different types of belts.

The Oxford dictionary describes a belt as “A strip of leather or another material was worn, typically around the waist, to support or hold in clothes or to carry weapons.” Well, it is more than that in today’s fashion world. To hold up your trousers, to add a touch to your formals clothes, to create a distinction between your top and bottom region and last but not the least is to add value to your clothing.


The one that is worn with tailored trousers and shirts. Generally, formal belts have two major colors: Black and Brown (Shades may differ). A 2.5cm-3.5cm wide that supports formal clothing. Usually, formal belts are of a leather material and there is a hack in wearing formal belts: Keep the buckle’s color and your wrist watch’s color same. If it’s silver then keep it silver and if it’s gold, then gold. Another hack is: Keep the color of your belt and your shoes’ color same.

Must have: A black and brown leather formal belt. Because they fit into any color any type!


The benefit of wearing casual belts is Experimentation. You can pick any color, any size and any type you want to keep and bang! Thin and thick, long and short, leather and cloth and the list continue. In casual belts, the buckle or the strap can be unusual. You don’t need to match it. Because in casuals Contrast is the best match.

Hack: Cover the ‘Branded’ leather tag on your jeans. Don’t select the one which is too wide because it may not fit into the hooks of your jeans.

Woven leather, printed straps, studded, embroidered, fabric webbing tooled leather, exotic skins, etc are available. But, don’t overdo it.

You must have a tan or natural leather belt that can be worn with any jeans.

The d-buckle webbed fabric belt. The benefit of this type of belt is its variety of color. It comes in various colors and you can match them with any jeans or shorts you want to.

And you should also have a novelty item that makes you stand differently in the general crowd.

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Do leave a comment as your valuable feedback. Until next time, Happy BELTS!

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